How Does Employers View A Degree From A Christian College?

IX.  Professional Ethics

Seven Resolutions in Regard to Professional Deportment

1.    I will never permit professional zeal to carry me beyond the limits of sobriety and decorum, but bear in mind, with Sir Edward Coke, that “if a river swell beyond its banks, it loseth its own channel.”

2.    I will espouse no man’s cause out of envy, hatred, or malice toward his antagonist.

3.    To all judges, when in court, I will ever be respectful. They are the law’s vicegerents; and whatever may be their character and deportment the individual should be lost in the majesty of the office.

4.    Should judges, while on the bench, forget that, as an officer of their court, I have rights, and treat me even with disrespect, I shall value myself too highly to deal with them in like manner. A firm and temperate remonstrance is all that I will ever allow myself.

5.    In all intercourse with my professional brethren, I will always be courteous. No man’s passion shall intimidate me from asserting fully my own or my client’s rights, and no man’s ignorance or folly shall induce me to take any advantage of him. I shall deal with them all as honorable men, ministering at our common altar. But an act of unequivocal meanness or dishonesty, though it shall wholly sever any personal relation that may subsist between us, shall produce no change in my deportment when brought in professional connection with them. My client’s rights, and not my own feelings, are then alone to be consulted.

6. To the various officers of the court I will be studiously respectful, and specially regardful of their rights and privileges.

7.    As a general rule, I will not allow myself to be engaged in a cause to the exclusion of, or even in participation with, the counsel previously engaged, unless at his own special instance, in union with his client’s wishes; and it must, indeed, be a strong case of gross neglect or of fatal inability in the counsel, that shall induce me to take the cause to myself.

 Professional Ethics

C) Christian Colleges, in the more specific sense of the term, are accredited by exemption and offer Humanities Core as diverse as other colleges. A side by side comparison classes + syllabi confirms the facts.

H) LaCivita urges students to align their studies with what they love. Next, use this quality to acquire transferrable skills like ORGANIZATION + PROFESSIONALISM. These are always prized by EMPLOYERS, choosing candidates with degrees from Christian Colleges now withstanding.

R) Christian Colleges can opt to offer Title IV funds because its accredited and that’s the only way a Christian College would be added to the State, Federal + Government search for accredited schools which would place them under their control excusing Christian Colleges from Religious freedom from State Regulations, or choose to be cost effective by creating scholarships, low fees or income driven obtainable affordability.

I) Christian Colleges such as: Evangelical Alumni Foundation exhibits the Grace of God’s foundational teachings representing quality, integrity + Christian Jurisprudence.

S) Altgough Accreditation is a Voluntary process for Christian Colleges, it holds much weight because it speaks to an INSTITUTION’S level of credibility, Accountability, REPUTATION + that is answering to a GOVERNING BODY which clarifies a Christian College of Higher Education to be ACCOUNTABLE.

T) God’s Law Is The Highest Jurisprudence. Follow Him! Believe In Him! Represent Him!



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Evangelical Alumni Foundation seeks to fulfill "The Great Commandment and The Great Commission" to GOD's great economy. Each of us has great purpose as Sons of God. We are many in one body. Together, we are firmly planted by streams of water to bear fruits in all seasons. We shall not lack no good thing. Deuteronomy 1:11 God's Spiritual Billionaire's! Brief about our founder of Eaugrads: "JESUS"... "His pursuit of us is Relentless, His desire to Fight on our behalf is never ending; Despite the day to day distractions, designed to stop us from reaching our destinies, we can be sure of this... what God starts; He Finishes." Amen! Ministered By Tanya Harris, LLD

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