Communication is an enormous field that covers everything related to human communications. From how we speak and write to how we communicate through the mass media, communications addresses the theory behind our interactions as well as the practical “how to’s” of doing it effectively.

Communications tends to be a popular major because it can include some high-profile sub-specialties such as journalism, broadcast journalism, public relations, speech communications, advertising, film, photography, and organizational or business communications.


The general communication degree is an extremely flexible and creative one in that it exposes you to a broad range of communication issues. With a communication degree you will learn to look at the media critically, to write and speak concisely and effectively, as well as learn about new forces shaping human communication such as digital media and global communications. Here are some classes you may take as a communication major:

  • Communication Theory
  • Corporate Communication/Public Relations
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Mass Communications
  • Research Methods
  • News Writing and Reporting
  • Speech Communication

In addition to course work, internship programs are an excellent way to gain experience in the field.


A degree in communication opens all kinds of doors, especially for entrepreneurial students who complete internships while in school. People with communication degrees take jobs in corporate marketing and public relations departments, work in advertising, serve as spokespeople for politicians and political candidates, run nonprofit organizations, succeed in sales jobs, and of course, write for newspapers, appear on air, work in radio, and write for film and television. Students interested in pursuing graduate degrees use their communication backgrounds as a springboard for law school, graduate study in psychology, business, and other fields.

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