Meet Keyunna Evans, BA

New Junior Mortgage Supervisor


“Really keep everything that you are doing private and not really announce anything til it’s ready to go”

“Keyunna Evans” from our business school program in June 2019

message from May 16, 2019 5:45 PM
“Hey so with everything I’m learning from that you sent me, I’m now a new employee/Junior Supervisor at a mortgage company. I applied everything you sent me, remade my resume, I had my interview yesterday and they offered me the job today. I start on the June 3, 2019” Thank you for helping me and teaching me. I’m so excited. 


First thing I did was pray for her in Jesus name and God gave me the right perception with wisdom and understanding and instead of judging her or condemning her… God showed me how to encourage her, to level up to where she’s at and to effectively research her learning style.

“What’s so unique about “Keyunna Evans” testimony is that she expressed to me about a year before how she didn’t know her calling in life and that she would tend to start something but get distracted and these things lead to her not completing her long-term goal. Yes, she felt she didn’t have time to focus with all the responsibilities as a mother, employee and the burden of busy adult life as a whole.

For, it is written in God’s Word that if you are any kind of teacher, first you must recognize what your student requirements may be. Not your own meager requirements but always serving the deed. Whereas, this technique peaked her interest, revealed her gifts, complimented her confidence and developed her commitment levels which leaped her forward into her harvest from the start… she was at the finish. No shortcuts!

For, it is the revelation of God’s Providence showing up in her life. Her faith speaks the basics here. The enemy meant to destroy her vision but God had an appointed time to reveal what He predestined for her life.” God shall not speak a thing and shall not let it. 

We love you Kuyunna Evans, may God continue to thrust you forward in Godly success evermore in Jesus name.


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